Our Actor Friends

Below you will find a list of the Various actors we have joined forces with to bring Fans different types of signature plaques to display. You can find them either on our website or at the actor tables while they are doing conventions and local shows. If you see them around make sure you say hi to them or tag them and us on your posts! We all enjoy the fans support in person or away.

Leilani Shiu - Official Jawa Teeka
Ariel Shiu - Jawa
Stephen Costantino - Gamorrean Guard
Rory Ross - Covert Commander
Daniel Romero - Red Mando
Susanna Malak - Jawa
Niketa Calame - Young Nala Voice
David Ankrum - Wedge Antilies Voice
Alan Fernandes - Tusken Raider
John Morris - Toy Story Andy Voice
Daniel Eghan - Death Trooper
Antonio Viña - Young Cassian Andor
Chrstine Galey - R5-D4 & R2-D2
Bradley Galey - Jawa
David Stone - X-wing Pilot
John Mogridge - Snowtrooper and more
Alan Austen - Stormtrooper and more
Derek Lyons - Honor Guard and more